laurel and hardy in glasgow

Stan and babe visited Glasgow on all four British Tours:

1932 - Laurel and stayed two nights at the Central Hotel, and made a personal appearance on stage at La Scala Cinema. The interior has since been totally gutted, as the venue is now a shopping arcade. All that remains is the arched entry.

1947 - Laurel & Hardy played two weeks at the Glasgow Empire, in Sauchiehall Street. Sad to say, this was demolished in 1963, and the site is now covered by a row of shops. Again, they stayed at the Central Hotel.

During their stay in Glasgow, Laurel had a good look around the inside of the Metropole Theatre, in Stockwell Street, where, in his mid-teens, he had spent a few years working for his father, Arthur Jefferson, who was the lessee-manager.

laurel and hardy in glasgow

                      GLASGOW CENTRAL HOTEL                                            METROPOLE THEATRE, Stockwell Street, Glasgow
                           Still a working hotel.                                                              Demolished and site built on. The Old Scotia pub is till there.
1952 – The Boys played only one week at the Glasgow Empire, again staying at the Central Hotel. This time there was no massed throng to greet them, and the whole week went off without so much of a ripple, much less a wave, of publicity.

1954 - It was two years before Laurel and Hardy came to Glasgow again, and with the conditions they met there, it's a wonder they lived to survive the tale. Snow, ice, and black-outs were continuous throughout the week, and temperatures fell below zero. But still, they were well-received inside the theatre.

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